In the arena

I tossed this around in my head over and over . Should I share , should I not share! Will I be judged? Will my reputation as a Coach be gone after I share? Then I decided that I am going to be vulnerable and share! I remembered what Brene Brown said “You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” “I want to be in the arena. I want to be brave with my life. And when we make the choice to dare greatly, we sign up to get our asses kicked. We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both. Not at the same time.” to be continued……

Divine Walls Review by Amanda Chance

cwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11imageAs a member of CWA Review Crew I was honored to be given the opportunity to review  Divine Walls crafts inspirational and faith-based vinyl wall art.  My first impression of this product was how efficiently it was shipped. It arrived in a cardboard tube with the vinyl wall art rolled up without wrinkles, along with an instruction sheet about how to apply it to the wall.

I read the instructions and thought that there has to be an easier way to apply it.  I disregarded the instructions, partly due to the fact that I didn’t fully understand how to complete them. It could also  have been a result of  being under general anesthesia Tuesday for an out-patient surgery. I have noticed the  logical side of my brain is a bit foggy.  I pulled the backing off and completely messed up one of the letters. I improvised and used some decorative tape I had on hand to make my first letter. Then I cut out the outline of the rest of the vinyl words. Afterwards a lightbulb went off , finally I figured out how to apply it.

Overall I am very satisfied with the appearance of the vinyl letters. They are a cherished addition to my sacred living space! Go HERE to view the many designs available at Divine Walls and order a decal that perfectly suits your home.  You can also find Divine Walls at:


enLIGHTen by Trinity

PicMonkey Collage    As a member of the CWA Review Crew, I was honored to participate in reviewing Trinity enLIGHTment  cream  . Most of my adult life I have struggled with  uneven skin tone. When I saw that enLIGHTen cream  was available to review, I swarmed to it like a bee to a beehive!

My experience using the it was phenomenal. The texture of the cream felt luxurious like silk. A little dab goes a long way.   It has helped me to get into a routine of better  face care. Not only have I seen a difference in my facial tone, but my friends and family have as well. I am more confident about having my picture taken .  I am also in love with the aroma of the cream.

I recommend this cream to anyone who wants to lighten their skin or simply pamper their face. I believe it could be used as a moisturizer even if you don’t need your skin lightened. In my opinion you wont be disappointed in the look ,feel and results of this product.cwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11Trinity enLIGHTment cream can be found for purchase here :

When Chicks Hatch by Heather Randall

In life this world doesn’t end when the egg breaks ,sometimes its just the beginning.  When Chicks Hatch is a masterfully written book filled with faith, hope , love and redemption.  Author Heather Randall captivated my attention from the start to the finish of her book. Anyone who needs inspiration minus the preachy feeling should read When Chicks Hatch. 

Highlighted inside the pages are the lives of five women, whose lives although separately lived, intertwine together. At the heart of each womans story is an element of pain . As I read When Chicks Hatch I felt as if I could see into each womans soul .

Love , betrayal, loss , grief and redemption are spread throughout the chapters. I found within the pages that seemingly irredeemable circumstances can hatch into miracles.

Halfa Moon by Joan Bannan

Imagine living seventeen years with a horrible sense of shame and guilt, without anyone  to confide in. Although there is one person who you knows about the accident , but you are already at odds with her.  These tragic statements belong to a character inside the book titled  Halfa Moon . 

Author Joan Bannan  masterfully draws the reader in from the very first page.  After reading the first page I had a hard time putting Halfa Moon down . Meg formerly named Margaret  and her brother are kidnapped by their mother from their own home , where they were all three residing with their father. 

Meg was four and her brother was a baby . She already at the young age of four felt the strained relationship ,between her mother and herself. The pain of feeling responsible for her older sisters tragic death seared Megs heart and haunted her in her daily life. 

With a nonexistent relationship with her Mother and step father , Meg finds solace in the stepfather Georges Mom. ,whom she lovingly names My Lady. Meg finds love for  piano playing and also a refuge within My Lady s home. 

Inside the pages you find a lot of different scenarios that today’s children, youth and adults are involved with or somehow  affected by. Some of them include Drug and child abuse . But are not limited to the two subjects there is also crime and romance. 

Meg  lands a job at a prestigious and highly secure cyber company . She later finds out she replaced an employee who was killed while working for the company. Once again Meg feels her guilt and shame surface after a colleague and friend suffer an attack that was meant for her. A second tragedy caused by Me, were the thoughts that ran through her mind. 

Throughout the book the characters are all intertwined together into a masterpiece that seems so real. Although I knew  Halfa Moon  was fiction , the characters seemed to leap off the pages and turn into real people .  I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the book. I loved it and didn’t want it to end. Hopefully Joann Bannan  will decide to revisit these characters in the future and write a sequel to Halfa Moon!cwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-119072765


Connect with Joan:

You can purchase your copy of Halfa Moon at:

SonRise: Clothed in Thunder, Vicki Watson

imageThis is book three in the Sonrise Stables series.

Evolution vs Creation has been a debate  for ages.  Author Vicki Watson  illuminates the creation versus evolution debate masterfully inside her book Clothed with Thunder.

Rosie and Carrie attended  a 4H club demonstration where a student  did a compelling research presentation supporting evolution . After  hearing the evolution report, the two girls are determined to create a presentation which will  give  proof that creation is the true source of how the world was created.

Many challenges arose during Rosie and Carries preparation for their presentation. One of the trials included  an old adversary  who cheated Rosie out of her first trophy with her pony Scamper. Having  an old adversary enter their life taught the girls  many priceless lessons.

I enjoyed reading  Clothed in Thunder  to my ten-year old daughter.  She  loves  books with horses .   The added bonus is  it’s a book my daughter and I both  agree on and love.



Created to be Heard

Recently while engaging in physical therapy , I requested to be instructed by only the female therapist.  Due to a traumatic past , I  felt uncomfortable being physically guided by the young male therapist . At first I attempted to  uncomfortably strain through and ignore the deep anxiety that was surfacing inside me. After what seemed like an  eternity, I heard a voice inside me say,”you don’t have to be uncomfortable tell the therapist how you feel. ”

I chose to tell the female therapist that I preferred to only work with her. In that moment I didn’t provide a reason or justification for my request. . She honored my decision to only work with her. It felt empowering in that moment to make a direct request without having to give a justification .

Where in your life would you benefit from using your voice ? I believe we were given voices to express and empower ourselves! If it resonates with you ,I would love for you to leave me a comment about how you are using your voice or how you plan on using it.

So Much The Better ~ Megan Means

So Much The Better is a beautifully written book filled with wisdom, adventure and inspiration. Author Megan Means masterfully composed characters that seem to leap of the pages. I loved how each chapter led into the other evoking a sense of curiosity about what was going to happen transpire.

I read So Much The Better nightly to my ten-year old daughter . I love the wonder filled dialogue it facilitated between my daughter and I. Most nights I read more than one chapter because I found it challenging to put the book down. Both my daughter and I were eager to experience more of the phenomenal writing.

Imagine you live in a place of peace , security and warmth  where each day flows harmoniously into the other one. Then visualize being swept away into a far away land where you are alone and in unfamiliar surroundings.  You feel lost and without hope. Ari the small lion cub in So Much the Better experienced these scenarios. He was living a peaceful existence with his Mother and the Lion pride when he was mysteriously swept far away.  What if you felt your  journey had reached its conclusion and you found out it had only just began? This very thing happened to Ari the Lion .

Author Megan Means created  a website and social media links to to help get the book’s message out to the world on-line. She also created a Curriculum Companion to the book which is offered for free on her website.It includes 21 lessons on character building that are taken directly from the book to help children become their best selves and inspire them to be great leaders.

To learn more about Megan and her book, visit her website:  You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. You can purchase your copy of So Much The Better on Amazon or Smash-words.cwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11

Let my Light Shine ~ Julie Kinscheck

I recently had the privilege of being introduced to Christian Rock artist Julie Kinschecks music . I describe her music as being  soul warming , toe tapping down home church music. While listening to one of the tracks on the album called Let my light shine, I was transported back to the gospel sings that my grandma took me to when I was a little girl.  I loved how the lyrics in the song
s were so relevant to life . I related to the song I m a mess . Its great to hear music that taps into issues most of us face at one  time or another in our lives.

Julie Kinschecks music made me feel like I was in church listening to a guest singer . It was refreshing to listen to the lyrics which flowed smoothly from one word to another speaking truth into every crevice of my soul ! I love that her music is lively and fun. I think it wocwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11uld be great to introduce to young children and adults alike.

A Nation Under Judgement: A Nation Apart From God~ Richard Capriola

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands , one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all!

The pledge stated above is one that is familiar to most of us! Do the words still ring true for our country? Do we really abide by the one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for All ?

Is the pledge of allegiance , something we as a country have become comfortable reciting out of routine and not from a place of  truth?

A Nation Under Judgement: A Nation Apart From God challenges the belief of whether or not we are indeed a nation under God or perhaps , A Nation Apart from God. Inside the chapters author Richard

Capriola provides statistics backed up with scriptures from the bible to provide a picture of what A Nation apart from God might look like.

Numerous topics including Abortion, hunger, and homelessness are discussed by giving tragic yet true statistics along with what the bible has to say about these issues! I believe the book was written to wake people up to the fact that our nation is in danger of dire consequences . We as a nation can’t just turn our cheeks to the issues,cwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11 as if they might disappear if we pretend they are not there!

If you need a wake up call to what is happening in our nation then definitely read A Nation under Judgement: A nation Apart From God. If you are searching for a pat on the back and a book that will make you feel fuzzy and warm then this is not the one to provide you with those feelings. I feel that I have a better understanding of the dire straights that our nation is in after reading this book.