Lava in a cup

  Today Carlee was in delighting herself by mixing much  to  my dismay my perfume with products like detangler and soap! I thought she is in need of a science experiment! The thought that was going through my head was if I don’t come up with an experiment she can do I may not have any bathroom products left. After briefly researching  science experiments I found one . Simple enough i thought, we added vegetable oil to a clear drinking glass along with a food colouring tablet and salt. The effects were pretty cool, I then made a bad decision. At the time I didn’t realize the demise of my plan! I filled up some medicine cups of salt and left Carlee to experimenting on her own! A few moments later she arrived in the office showing me her new experiment . This experiment involved the whole box of baking soda, a carrot , piece of chocolate and a strawberry. I learned my lesson stay close by when doing an experiment and always remember Carlee will usually come up with her own experiment which will involve whole boxes of what ever she can find!