So Much The Better ~ Megan Means

So Much The Better is a beautifully written book filled with wisdom, adventure and inspiration. Author Megan Means masterfully composed characters that seem to leap of the pages. I loved how each chapter led into the other evoking a sense of curiosity about what was going to happen transpire.

I read So Much The Better nightly to my ten-year old daughter . I love the wonder filled dialogue it facilitated between my daughter and I. Most nights I read more than one chapter because I found it challenging to put the book down. Both my daughter and I were eager to experience more of the phenomenal writing.

Imagine you live in a place of peace , security and warmth  where each day flows harmoniously into the other one. Then visualize being swept away into a far away land where you are alone and in unfamiliar surroundings.  You feel lost and without hope. Ari the small lion cub in So Much the Better experienced these scenarios. He was living a peaceful existence with his Mother and the Lion pride when he was mysteriously swept far away.  What if you felt your  journey had reached its conclusion and you found out it had only just began? This very thing happened to Ari the Lion .

Author Megan Means created  a website and social media links to to help get the book’s message out to the world on-line. She also created a Curriculum Companion to the book which is offered for free on her website.It includes 21 lessons on character building that are taken directly from the book to help children become their best selves and inspire them to be great leaders.

To learn more about Megan and her book, visit her website:  You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. You can purchase your copy of So Much The Better on Amazon or Smash-words.cwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11

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