Day 13 Decluttering my Heart and Home~

I found myself overwhelmed by the messiness of my home today. I decided to see what google could find to aid in my sense of bewilderment on where to start. I typed in the words where to begin cleaning your home when you are overwhelmed. After scrolling down a few times , an article popped out at me . After I read the article I came to the conclusion that  my clutter problem stems from not having found proper homes for my belongings in the first place .  The article states many areas that may be the root of your clutter issue. It also states various solutions to clutter problems. Here is the article , I hope it helps you in your own quest to organization.

My favorite Recipe for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving nearing I want to share a favorite recipe with you. Its a recipe my grandma always made for all our family gatherings. Every year she would ask us what do you want me to bring . Our answer was always the pumpkin stuff. I am not sure who is going to try to replicate this recipe this year since Grandma has victoriously passed into heaven. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I also wanted to note Gram was a diabetic that stuck to her diet pretty strictly , I’m thinking the recipe meets the guidelines to be called a low sugar recipe.


Can of pumpkin

Box of vanilla pudding


tub of coolwhip

package of grahm crackers


Make the pudding as directed on the box

set pudding aside

layer your desired  serving bowl with grahm crackers leave them whole

mix the pudding ,pumpkin, and cool-whip together , sprinkle with cinnamon

pour the mixture on top of the grahm crackers

crush a few grahm crackers til they are crumbs sprinkle on top of the existing mix then sprinkle some more cinnamon

chill in the refrigerator at least an hour

I have found I don’t like to put the grahm crackers in the bottom of my dish only the crumbs on top

Last and most important thing is enjoy the dish with friends or family. If you find they don’t like it , don’t despair more for you!

Day 12 Decluttering my Heart and Home ~

It’s the first day of November. Most of the bloggers who signed up in October to do this 31 day blogging challenge have successfully completed the 31 days by now. I thought about just giving it up and failing the challenge. Instead I made a decision to follow through with my posts until day 31 arrives. One of the biggest giants in my life that needs slayed is Procrastination. I procrastinate about everything.  If there was an award given for the worlds best procrastinator I would probably win. Due to procrastination my project of de-cluttering my heart and home has progressed at a very slow rate.

One trait I am developing within myself is determination. I am determined to succeed in my endeavour for organization. My family is a huge motivator for my goals to be followed through with and completed. At times my mind goes in swirls , kind of the like the swirls inside those little kaleidoscope toys I used to play with as a child. Now I am showing my age. The images inside the toy kaleidoscope were pretty to look at yet distorted. Often times I feel my life is like that as well. It’s pretty to look at on the outside but upon looking closer I notice its distorted.  Just like the toy has many spinning shapes none of which are distinct in their own appearance only swirling shapes running into one another. As each day collides into the next I find myself sinking deeper into the despair of procrastination.

I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The lights name is Jesus. I have to seek his face wholeheartedly. He will not forsake me or leave me. The one that leaves his presence is always me. Once again I have fallen flat on my face in a despairing cry for Jesus to come in and take over. My flesh will never win. I want off the merry-go-round where life is dizzy. My heart desires freedom from clutter in my heart and home. My goal for the upcoming days is to come back and post about my progress for de-cluttering. No matter what is done whether it is a little or alot. My hearts desire is to be honest and transparent about my journey so that if there is someone reading who having similar struggles he or she may find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their adversity.

Day 11 Decluttering my Heart and Home

I have a confession . Lately my project is not going well.  I have felt sad, overwhelmed and borderline depressed.  Motivation has evaded me. My own will has me sinking into a sea of darkness. The one things I have left to do is turn it over to Jesus. I have read magical stories of women who said Jesus take it all and change me. This is my plea tonight: Jesus take my will and make it yours. Take my heart and make it clean and new. Take my thoughts and make them pure. Purge my soul of anything that doesn’t line up with your will. I surrender my will and life to you. I’m ready to grab your hand and hold on while you lead me in your path of righteousness. I’m ready for my walls that I have built up so high that I can’t see over them to crumble down! I’m ready to remove the masks I have worn for so long.  I cant do this on my own, I need your holy hands upon me Jesus.

Sincerely ,


Day 10 ~ Decluttering my Heart and Home~

I learned an important lesson sometimes you just have to let things go! I had an abundance of clothes that didn’t work for me or my family. My original idea was to sell them on a local yard sale website.  I posted them to the website and proceeded to wait for them to sell. None of them sold and I was left with all the clutter that goes along with storing them . Each day I faced the unsold bags of clothes.  One-day while doing my usual face-book surfing , I came across a post stating that we had three families whose houses burnt in our town. I messaged the local director of our towns Christian Center  to enquire about the sizes that were needed.  It turned out that I had alot of the sizes of clothing that was needed. I made a decision to let go of all the clothing clutter . After letting go of all the excess clothing , I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  While getting rid of the clothes did not by far solve my clutter issue its one step closer to my goal of being organized. Next on the agenda is sorting and getting rid of toys that my daughter no longer has interest in. Freeing our home of clutter allows more time for relationship within the family. The less time that our stuff takes to maintain is more time that can be spent together as a family.

Day nine Decluttering my Heart and Home

While most of the bloggers doing this 31  day challenge are on day 16 , I am on day nine. Since I am behind on my posts  I am opting to post until my 31 days is up, instead of trying to catch up with several posts in one day. My life has been a swirling mess lately. My grandma passed away last Saturday.  I admit I spend some days staring off into space.  Alot of my days have been spent crying over the loss of my beloved grandma. Its unpredictable what type of day I will have when I wake. While I try to not let my emotions have free reign,  some days it just happens. Lately instead of de-cluttering I have been bringing in sentimental items that belonged to my grandma. I received her love seat and chair. My living room now looks more like home with more seating. Among the treasured items I was blessed to have is an old rocking horse that all of the grandchildren rode! My sister has a six month old baby , when he is old enough he too will be given the opportunity to ride this cherish rocking horse. With tears in our eyes we will joyfully remember where the horse came from.  I also received a sewing box that belonged to my grandma. It is filled with thread, buttons, elastic, patterns and much more. While digging through the sewing box I found a baby picture of my grandmother. The reason this was so special is we didn’t think there were any existing baby pictures of grandma. Although this picture is wrinkled and torn it is more valuable than diamonds to me!

Sunday I spent the afternoon inside my grandmas apartment gathering trash and sorting her belongings. There was two huge trash bags worth of old papers and miscellaneous. In those moments I realized where I inherited my hoarding tendencies.  In the midst of grandmas apartment were the many projects you could tell grandma planned to finish. I too have projects lying around that I plan to finish. Some small items make me wonder what she planned to do with them. Thankfully I don’t have the extent of items she has in her home . While everything is beautiful , I ponder about why she collected fifty bags of pot-pourri, hundreds of doilies, too many wooden books to count, and much more.  The conclusion of why she has so much is she loved the thrill of the treasure hunt. I  fondly remember countless yard-sales we went to looking for treasures. These are memories I will always hold dear.  Many items I can remember exactly the day she found them.  When we were young we were not allowed to touch her treasures. As she grew older , our children began being allowed to touch the treasured items. Things we were forbidden to even caress. Our children were now allowed to play with. I don’t regret not being able to touch them. Although I am proud to be able to say the little ones were given the opportunity to play with the treasured items.  Granted there were still things that were off-limits to everyone.   My grandma will be forever loved and missed. I am proud to have the treasured memories of her inside my heart. I believe the most  loved  items I was blessed with from her life would be her bible and song binder. Within the song binder is songs she used to sing at church and nestled underneath alot of blank paper is scripture verses  written in her handwriting. I will look up this page full of scriptures with love in my heart knowing it came from grandma. I had originally hoped that she would have written notes in her bible. I found no notes . To my surprise I instead found a few turned down pages of devotionals that must have touched her and scriptures she must have found meaningful . One particular devotion  had significant meaning to me also. The devotional story I found will be in another post soon!

Day 8 ~ Decluttering my Heart and Home

I have another confession to make . In different areas of my home  I have things shoved in drawers, cabinets or shelves. Honestly some of it could be pitched in the trash, but I keep them with the thought that I may someday use them. It became evident that I had learned some of this behaviour or perhaps inherited it from my grandmother. After my grandma passed I visited her apartment .  My grandmother had chests full of teddy bears, bills, papers, and other items. Today while reflecting on my visit I realized that I have places in my home that reflect my grandmothers home. In that moment I  was not bothered by my inability to organize everything. I have a piece of her etched in my daily life. I will still continue to work on de-cluttering my heart and home. Although now  I will remember that I am not alone in my struggles with stuffing things here and there , my grandma was a pack rat as well. With that being said I am more committed to organization . When my time to leave this earth comes I don’t want to leave piles for my family to deal with. We most certainly don’t mind my grandmothers piles she left behind. In fact we cherish them as they are the last pieces of her life while she was living.  I wonder if my grandmother felt overwhelmed with her clutter. I am sure she had plans to de-clutter as well and probably did do alot of it in her lifetime.

Day 7 ~ Decluttering my Heart and Home

Today was a very emotional day. My grandma has only been gone for two days now. My brain feels like it’s in a thick fog. Comfort was found in church today through the worship songs , although I cried throughout most of the service. Right now I feel as though my heart is de-cluttering itself through tears!  At times I just sit in a daze , not wanting to acknowledge anyone’s presence. Then I realize that I am still a mom, daughter, wife, friend , aunt and child of God. While I know its okay to grieve my grandmothers death , I also have come to grips that I still have many people around me who need my time and love. Since  grandmas death her memory has been flashing in my mind. While at church I thought  grandma will never go to church again. During my shopping trip I realized that she would never go shopping again. Among the saddest places to realize that she wont ever return to is her home. Inside her home is memories of her life. Each corner of her home was meticulously  decorated. Grandmas scent still lingers inside of her abandoned home.  Her flowers are still in full bloom.  I am blessed to have been able to have her in my life. While I may be grieving at the moment , soon I  will be celebrating her life and legacy that she left behind.

Day 6~ Decluttering my Heart and Home

Today was a heartbreaking day. I am going to use this space on my blog to de clutter my heart .  Instead of a brain dump I’m going to do a heart dump.

Here goes my heart dump………

Each weekend  for seven weeks my family and I have made an hour trip ,  to see my sweet grandma who was hospitalized in the cardiovascular intensive care unit.  Rewind seven weeks ago she had a heart-attack and underwent heart surgery . After surgery the surgeon informed the family that parts of her heart were calcified over and unviable.  Immediately after surgery the surgeon had to go back into her heart to fix internal bleeding. During my grandmas hospitalization she endured being put on a ventilator and taken off it again twice. The last time they placed it she was unable to be taken off. For weeks she underwent continuous dialysis.  Blood draws became routine seemingly every hour there was someone to take blood or do something medically to her.  Later the dr placed a tracheotomy in her throat along with the ventilator in hopes of being able to wean her off the  vent. A feeding tube was place along with a nasogastric tube . So she had a tube in each nostril.  You could see the frustration in her face because of her lack of being able to communicate her desires. Her health constantly took two steps forward one step back. To make a long story short she endured alot during her seven week stay . Fast forward to the visit we made today. Mom and dad went back to her room first. The hospital usually prefers two visitors at a time. A couple of minutes after walking down to see grandma , my mom came into the waiting room. She was very upset. Mom told me that grandma died, but they were able to bring her back. The bad news was that she would die today again. Mom and I walked back to grandmas room. I walked over to grandmas side and held her hand and stroked her hair.  In-those moments I told her I love you grandma and thank you for all you have taught me.  Seconds after I held her hand and stroked her hair she passed away.  Although it was very sad there was a peace in the room. I have no doubt that peace was from Jesus. Weeks before I  had mentioned to God that I desired to be there to hold my grandmas hand as she passed away. I did not desire for her to pass, but lying in a hospital bed with tubes everywhere is not living it’s merely existing.  I am forever grateful that Jesus orchestrated those moments so that I could be there for my grandma in her final moments here on earth.  While I may be grieving , I have joy in my heart knowing she is with Jesus now and not suffering. Please hold your loved ones near , you never know when they will be taken from you. You will never regret spending more time with those you love. I will miss you grandma. Dance with grandpa and Jesus. We will meet again!