When Chicks Hatch by Heather Randall

In life this world doesn’t end when the egg breaks ,sometimes its just the beginning.  When Chicks Hatch is a masterfully written book filled with faith, hope , love and redemption.  Author Heather Randall captivated my attention from the start to the finish of her book. Anyone who needs inspiration minus the preachy feeling should read When Chicks Hatch. 

Highlighted inside the pages are the lives of five women, whose lives although separately lived, intertwine together. At the heart of each womans story is an element of pain . As I read When Chicks Hatch I felt as if I could see into each womans soul .

Love , betrayal, loss , grief and redemption are spread throughout the chapters. I found within the pages that seemingly irredeemable circumstances can hatch into miracles.








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