Halfa Moon by Joan Bannan

Imagine living seventeen years with a horrible sense of shame and guilt, without anyone  to confide in. Although there is one person who you knows about the accident , but you are already at odds with her.  These tragic statements belong to a character inside the book titled  Halfa Moon . 

Author Joan Bannan  masterfully draws the reader in from the very first page.  After reading the first page I had a hard time putting Halfa Moon down . Meg formerly named Margaret  and her brother are kidnapped by their mother from their own home , where they were all three residing with their father. 

Meg was four and her brother was a baby . She already at the young age of four felt the strained relationship ,between her mother and herself. The pain of feeling responsible for her older sisters tragic death seared Megs heart and haunted her in her daily life. 

With a nonexistent relationship with her Mother and step father , Meg finds solace in the stepfather Georges Mom. ,whom she lovingly names My Lady. Meg finds love for  piano playing and also a refuge within My Lady s home. 

Inside the pages you find a lot of different scenarios that today’s children, youth and adults are involved with or somehow  affected by. Some of them include Drug and child abuse . But are not limited to the two subjects there is also crime and romance. 

Meg  lands a job at a prestigious and highly secure cyber company . She later finds out she replaced an employee who was killed while working for the company. Once again Meg feels her guilt and shame surface after a colleague and friend suffer an attack that was meant for her. A second tragedy caused by Me, were the thoughts that ran through her mind. 

Throughout the book the characters are all intertwined together into a masterpiece that seems so real. Although I knew  Halfa Moon  was fiction , the characters seemed to leap off the pages and turn into real people .  I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the book. I loved it and didn’t want it to end. Hopefully Joann Bannan  will decide to revisit these characters in the future and write a sequel to Halfa Moon!cwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-119072765


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