SonRise: Clothed in Thunder, Vicki Watson

imageThis is book three in the Sonrise Stables series.

Evolution vs Creation has been a debate  for ages.  Author Vicki Watson  illuminates the creation versus evolution debate masterfully inside her book Clothed with Thunder.

Rosie and Carrie attended  a 4H club demonstration where a student  did a compelling research presentation supporting evolution . After  hearing the evolution report, the two girls are determined to create a presentation which will  give  proof that creation is the true source of how the world was created.

Many challenges arose during Rosie and Carries preparation for their presentation. One of the trials included  an old adversary  who cheated Rosie out of her first trophy with her pony Scamper. Having  an old adversary enter their life taught the girls  many priceless lessons.

I enjoyed reading  Clothed in Thunder  to my ten-year old daughter.  She  loves  books with horses .   The added bonus is  it’s a book my daughter and I both  agree on and love.



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