Five Minute Friday~ Present

List of Presents I am thankful for:

The air I breathe ~ after watching my Grandma not have enough oxygen to breath on her own , I became very thankful for each day that I wake up breathing effortlessly!

My Daughter~ My first glimpse of unconditional love .

My Home~ A few days ago we saw a man whom was holding a sign asking for help , the bottle of water we gave him was like Gold to him. His name is Frank please pray with me for him!

My bible~ some countries the bible is forbidden

Internet~ It has connected me with beautiful people inside and out

This list goes on and on I am also very thankful for My Creators Presence in my day to day life. He provides me with presence and presents daily!

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday~ Present

  1. Amanda, love you and love this. I’m so grateful for the moments we share together. I was down last night and almost didn’t respond to your message but if I had I would have missed out on how beautifully you were willing to lift my spirits by simply listening to me and sharing your own heart. You are a good friend!
    Much love,

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