Get Real ~ Jamy Whitaker

Shortly after I turned 30 I realized that I had no idea who I was, and found within myself a deep desire to remove the masks that I had been wearing.  Get Real Stop Hiding Behind the Mask is a phenomenally written book . Within the pages Author Jamy Whitaker takes you on a journey to discovering your identity in Christ, and aides you in courageously removing your own mask.  Three years into my own journey I found Get Real to be very relevant to continuing on the path to removing my masks and discovering my identity in Christ.

The book is written in three parts and also includes a bible study in the back with reflective questions for each chapter.  Most of us have built walls around our lives and hearts either unconsciously or consciously. Get real guides you brick by brick in tearing down your own wall and discovering your identity in Christ.

Inside the chapters you will find relevant visual examples that will support your journey in successfully taking off your mask and stepping into your identity in Christ!  While Get Real is a quick read , I think it would be helpful to read through it more than once.  The first time reading the book you could read it all the way through without answering the questions. Then, the second time you could read it slower, while answering and reflecting on the questions.

I would recommend Get Real for anyone who is looking to dive deeper into the waters of who they are in Christ.  I felt as if the author was holding my hand, and guiding me through the currents of figuring out my own identity in Christ, while removing my masks. Jamysbookcwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11

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