Journey to a healthier ME continued

44522_402630943140300_576333406_nI finally have a success to write about my journey to getting healthier, I lost 4 pounds Yay! I have also realized that I am human and its okay if I have a candy bar now and then. My husband bought me some mini Butterfinger bars perfect for my chocolate craving , without being enough to break my successful healthy lifestyle changes.

Honestly I have only made babysteps such as giving up soda and eating smaller portions. Also something I have been doing is making smoothies. Although I have found that I dont drink them near as frequent as I had originally planned.

Each day is a new day with room for success. I feel it is key to not knock myself down with self criticism which is so easy for me to do! Yes sometimes I have one too many mini candy-bars or perhaps (gasp) a bowl of icecream! Overall I am okay with my success and am going to continue to make small changes to improve my health!

My friend is doing great on her juice fast go check out her progress at

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