Journey to a healthier ME

imagesI have confessions to make! I cheated this week! I ate our Friday cheese stuffed garlic bacon pizza, I ate ice-cream  as well. Last night I ate grapes with my daughter , they were great,but afterwards I still wanted ice-cream. The great news is I didn’t eat it.

This week I must continue to change my ways and not revert to old patterns if I ever expect to get healthy.  As the saying goes Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Sure I stopped soda and yes I expected a miracle to happen.

I have come to the conclusion that this getting healthy thing will not be easy . I can do all things through Christ and that is what I must repeat to myself in times of temptation instead of just merely giving in to my flesh which loves food and sugar!

My weight has not changed . I am still at a depressing weight of 202. My habits must change to see any results or I will just remain in the I wish stage. The I wish stage is not where I want to be.

On a positive note my friend has lost five pounds. Unlike me she has not cheated and done the hard work and its starting to pay off ! Go check out her progress

My goals for the week: Replace two meals a day with my blended veggies and fruit. Wake up in the morning and stay up instead of covering my head back up after getting up in the morning to get my daughter and husband off to work and school.

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