Changing Churches~ A View From The Pew ~ Dottie Parish

As a part of Cwa Review Crew I recently had the privilege of reading Changing Churches.  When Changing Churches became available to review, I knew it was nothing short of Gods perfect timing.

I am at a cross roads with my Church. I was feeling hopeless in my turmoil within my Church, with the question looming over my head , Do I stay or Do I leave?

Before reading Changing Churches I felt alone in my struggles within the Church. Author Dottie Parish took me on a Journey within the pages of her book. The first part of the book took me on a Journey to  witness  Dotties struggles within different churches .  I immediately resonated with the words from the first chapter as she states, Everyone was thrilled with Pastor Edna except herself . Many times I have felt the exact same way. When I would feel this way , I though surely I am wrong and I shrugged off my intuitions.

Inside the chapters of Changing Churches Dottie shares with you entrys from her personal journal she kept during her experiences with the different churches. I am thankful for her transparency and ability to share them. I am now starting a journal to help me alleviate my own pains and to find clarity with my circumstances with the Church.

Included inside the pages is a guide for the Church Leaders and Leavers. This subject in my opinion is not addressed enough in Churches or in our Society. Part two addresses the ways Churches are changing. Biblical solutions to help build the church up are provided as well.

I recommend Changing Churches to anyone who has ever struggled understanding why someone would leave the Church,also for any Church Leaders  .  Lastly this is a must read for anyone sitting in the Church Pews with the question Do I stay or Do I leave. Image

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