Ordinary~Five minute Friday

I have beautiful memories of travelling to numerous yard sales with my grandparents. My Grandfather who was partially disabled due to a stroke in his young adulthood, would patiently wait in the car. He was always excited to see the treasures grandma had purchased

Most of the items Grandma purchased looked like they were ordinary  misfits that belonged in the dumpster. She would see potential in them at the time of her purchase. When she brought them home , they received thorough baths whether in the tub, washing machine or by hand.  Also they were transformed with accessories , for example Grandma would put old antique hats or clip on earrings on bears. If grandma purchased clothes with a stain many times the article of clothing ended up more beautiful than the moment she purchased it. Grandma had a talent of fixing things when others had thrown them out and redeemed them useless. Nothing was too broken for her to redeem and create beauty within the item again.

As I sit here reflecting on her amazing ability to turn trash to treasure , I realize that is just what Jesus does. He redeems our lives and turns our sinful ugly hearts into beautiful loving hearts. Image

One thought on “Ordinary~Five minute Friday

  1. Here from Five MInute Friday. What creativity your grandmother had and how much lovelier a place the world would be if we all put our creativity to work for others! Thanks for sharing.

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