Day two of 31 days of Decluttering my Heart and Home

In day one I stated that I would post day two as well as day one .  The purpose is because I started the challenge late!  As I was considering different decluttering ideas for my home something came up that I feel is more important to declutter. It is my memories and past. Last night  I had a dream related to past events in my life that were not the sunshine happy memories but the kind you would  rather forget. Today I found myself periodically going back to these past events. I need to lay these memories down at the foot of the cross. They are not mine to bear. Tonight before I go to sleep I am going to pray and let Jesus cleanse my soul of these memories. I will talk to him about them and listen to what he reveals then I will let them go! I am letting go of  these memories  so that they may be replaced my present good  memories with my family .  If you my dear friend are holding onto memories that no longer serve a great purpose in your life, my prayer for you is that you are able to lay them down before the one who died so that you may live . Jesus wants to love and protect you! Lay it down so that your heart will have room for new wonderful memories. 

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