My experience at the Altar

Circumstances today left me frustrated and heavy laden.  Instead of taking my burdens to someone in the flesh I within my soul felt the need to go rest at the altar and give it all to my heavenly father. Tears dampened the altar flowing down my cheeks like a mighty river.  I was finding it very hard to catch my breath.  I desired to have deep breaths although all that was prevailing was short shallow broken breaths. Within what seemed to be a long time of pouring all that I  had pent-up in my heart to Jesus I felt a presence behind me not approaching too closely but definitely a strong presence.  I know that this presence was my guide the holy spirit.  I was given a scripture 1 Peter 2:8.  Through my experience today I learned that god is waiting to hear from us . He is holding his hands outstretched towards us.  Where flesh forsakes us and causes us more pain, Jesus will not. Take your burdens to him and feel the release of pressure from a world which can make you weary. Gather strength and renewed energy from your papa .  His comfort is abundant his lap has room for all his children . Be still and know he is God !

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