Major victory

      I am medically diagnosed with a condition called Agoraphobia . The reason for starting my blog post stating my condition is to help you better understand  how huge of a victory I feel I had tonight ! Tonight was the annual Halloween  Band Carnival for our local high school.  My husband  and I along with our daughter attended this event .  Arriving at the carnival we   were  immediately  engulfed with a wide open space with music , people , and alot of noise .  Wide open spaces normally cause me alot of anxiety and panic . I was able to stay composed and focused on my family who was with me !  After passing the large crowd we made our way into the second large wide open space , which was the high school gym. Upon arriving our daughter  chose to play on the inflatable slide .  I was able to calmly enjoy conversation with my husband , while our daughter played happily on the slide . Normally this large setting would have thrown me into intense panic and anxiety ! Next up was the bounce house . Thankfully my heart wasn’t bouncing along with  the jumpers inside it .  Extraordinarily this event was very peaceful amidst alot of chaos!  After playing a few games our daughter noticed a  small haunted house . The line was very long which again normally would have thrown me into a mode of shaky panic !  My daughter and I waited in the line while my husband went to purchase more tickets .  I was to be the one to go inside with our daughter .  Another  awesome thing happened while standing in line, I was able to have a conversation with a few people with the absence of my usual panic and fear .  I enjoyed the haunted house again without shaking or being nervous !  After exiting the  haunted house activity the mom I had been talking to introduced her self , I was able to shake her hand  with calmness  and also introduced myself as well.   Reflecting on the evening out feels great !   What seems to be a normal event to someone who doesn’t have these anxieties was a huge victory for me .  You may be wondering what changed that allowed me to have such success .  I have been working on conquering my fears and  realizing who I am in Christ !  Jesus doesn’t want us to live in fear of people  , places or things .  One outing and step of faith at a time I’m realizing who I am in Christ and the shackles of fear are coming unchained!

2 thoughts on “Major victory

  1. I have the same problem. I will go to WalMart and just have a HUGE panic attack. Just pulling into the parking lot sends my heart into palpitations. I’m so glad you were able to have a good time with your family.

    • Its hard to have a panic attack , I think what has helped me is to remember to breathe deeply and try not to hold my breath when stressed ! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog !

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