Are You Playing By House Rules ~ Darren and Cara Grant

cwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11  Are You Playing By House Rules is a Christian fiction book  that entertains and provides thought provoking information to its readers!

When you arrive at the hospital no matter how dire your circumstances are,you expect that the sanctity of your life will be preserved and protected.  Is this always the case at hospitals , that all human life is treated humanely and equal? Is every life treated with the same principles?

The questions I just posed seem to have easy answers ! After reading Are You Playing By Rules , although its fiction I have very different thoughts about whether or not all patients are actually treated equally after all.

The story begins with a socially elite couple who have travelled to the United States to have a liver transplant. Money can not buy time or quality of life but that does not stop the husband of a critically ill wife from trying to buy those precious commodities!

Meanwhile a young woman who is pregnant arrives at the hospital with what seems to be a very bleak outcome stemming from a tragic car accident . She is a perfect match for the socially elite woman who needs a liver.  What happens when a hospital wants to give up and husband refuses to lose faith? It becomes a battle of wills.

I found myself deeply and emotionally connected with the characters and their stories . It was definitely a book that I could not put down. The characters leaped off the pages and into my heart!

You can purchase this book on their website:  http:/AreYouPlaying/www.realarkministries.orgImage

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