New Adventures

List of new my New Adventures

*Carlee started 4th grade and is loving it ( She is now reading Grade level , Woo hoo Carlee)

* My niece is now a Kindergärtner ( where did the time go)

* Moving into a more accepting place regarding my grandmas death ( still miss her like crazy )

*Participated in Coachvilles Engage Tribal Super Hero Camp ( words of Deanna I receive the virtual award for most publicly transformed !)

*Became a LifeCoach (more on that coming soon, also feel free to ask me about it)

*Moving into a space of responding instead of reacting ( feels awesome)

* Am in When a Woman Finds her Voice lauch team ( Super excited about that!)

* Participated in Sundi Jo s promoting of her Awesome book Dear Dad ( A book that will Rock your soul)

I am pretty sure I missed some adventures , for now this is my list! Broken_paths_by_photograma



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