Neglected But Undefeated ~Jonathan Anthony Burkett

cwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11ImageImagine living in a world where  you felt safe and loved , then  without warning being taken to a land where you were told you were not loved and needed to go back to the depths of Hell where you came from.  Inside the book Neglected But Undefeated author Jonathan Anthony Burkett takes you to this place .  Jonathan was living in Jamaica with his grandparents who were loving to him and created in him a sense of love and safeness.  Without warning shortly after his sixth Birthday, Jonathan was taken to America , which is supposed to be a land of opportunity. It breaks my heart to know that not only was he dealing with the culture shock of being taken from Jamaica to America, but he was greeted in America by a Mother who was complacent and obviously didn’t want to raise this precious child.

From the moment he arrived to his mothers home , he was treated as if he existed to be a servant and a personal punching bag for his mother. There was nothing that he could do or not do that didn’t provoke rage in his mother. His mother daily beat him as if he was her enemy. Numerous times Jonathan found himself to be homeless and on the streets.

Inside the pages of Neglected But Undefeated you will find a courageous boy who suffered horrendous abuse. Its appalling to me how a mom could treat her own son so inhumanly. As you read you will discover within the pages of the book that his mom faced her own demons of past. It was painful to be given a front row seat inside of his damaging childhood.

Although death and dying may have crossed his mind more times than not , Jonathan remained strong due to faith and not wanting to disappoint his grandparents. Through reading this book I realized that abuse does happen right before our eyes and  is covered up by children and parents alike. The children cover for parents because they fear what will happen if they disclose the abuse. Parents unwittingly cover up their mistakes for fear of punishment in the form of Jail.

I think this book is a must read for anyone who deals with children on a consistent basis . Also is a must read for anyone who needs inspiration or ability to believe in hope after trauma or abuse.       You may follow Jonathan through  his Website



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