No Shame Only Power ~ Val Newton-Knowles

9781621478072largecwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11 No Shame Only Power is a divinely written non-fiction book that  guides you to an improved  understanding of Gods plan for salvation, life purpose and success.  Inside the pages you will discover three parts masterfully crafted to take you to a higher level of comprehension within Gods plan.

The book is written in three parts. Each part is a building block to help you understand all that God has for you to succeed. While reading I felt as if the author Val Newton-Knowles was speaking into my life with truth and love. In the past I have honestly struggled to realize the power that was already accessable to me. I feel like I have renewed faith after reading this book. I truthfully cannot begin to say how this book has transformed my heart .

After reading the book from cover to cover I feel I have a better understanding of Gods plan for me.  I delighted in the authors ability to always back up her words with scripture! Most importantly she points you to the only place that will allow you complete freedom and  that is the cross.

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