Jump ~ Five Minute Friday

Today I am linking up with  http://lisajobaker.com/ for FIve Minute Fridays


Rules ~write for five minutes without editing or backtracking

Be brave and join us !


Have you ever watched a little girl jump into her fathers arms? Do you notice the trust she places in him? She jumps safely into his arms knowing without a shadow of a doubt that his strong arms will catch her.

She places all of her trust in her daddy knowing he will catch her. There is no questioning inside her heart that she will be safe inside his arms.  As many  times as his little princess jumps, he will securely catch her each and every time.

I desire to leap into  my saviours’ arms with Faith like a childl. He is waiting with his arms wide open for me to abandon all my fears and jump into his strong arms! Will I surrender and jump? Image

5 thoughts on “Jump ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Sweet! Trust and innocence in our Heavenly Father is what gets us through the good days and the challenging days, isn’t it? Thank you for posting! Come visit me, please.


  2. Short and sweet, Amanda! A great allegory!
    Trust in Him saves me when Life gets challenging!

    Blessings, sweet girl!

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