Journey to a Healthier Me

I considered not blo422212_393632034024254_1439364248_ngging about this week of my Journey to a healthier me. Then I decided that I need to share  my successes and my failures. Perhaps there are others out there like me who have trouble with changing their own habits .

While I ponder my intentions which are great,t a quote comes to my mind. The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions. I confess my intentions were not even great this weekend and didn’t improve this week either.

Instead of putting myself down with all the mental negativity that  you know we all do from time to time, I am going to consciously choose to put positive thoughts into my mind. I am choosing to get back up from my failure and try again.

This past week I went on a Chocolate Binge , my justification was its only a couple mini Butterfingers. Obviously my  scale is the one who really knows the truth about those mini Candy Bars and the other unhealthy choices I made. My weight is back to the same number it was in the beginning of my Journey to A Healthier Me!

I am not allowing this to discourage me . In fact I am doing the opposite . The number on the scale is a sign that motivates me to change.

Prayerfully Saturday when I make another post it will be one about a success! I would appreciate your prayers in my Journey to a healthier Me! Be sure and check out my friends Awesome Success that she is making !

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