Journey to a healthier ME part 2

I have successfully quit drinking soda. Replacing my soda is Tea , and yes I do put sugar in it.  I will gradually reduce the amount of sugar I add to my tea.

Sunday I took a thirty minute walk with my family, on the way back from the walk I realized thirty minutes is too long. First clue that it was too long was the excruciating pain in my lower back. Its been nine months since I fractured my spine but things still take a toll on it.

Yesterday for exercise I babysat my Broken_paths_by_photogramafour-year old niece, two-year old nephew and also my almost one year old nephew. That was plenty of moving to last probably the whole month , just kidding.

I have cheated on my getting healthy journey , I had ice cream a couple of times.

The great thing about the journey so far is I am drinking more water .

Dont forget to check on my friends progress

2 thoughts on “Journey to a healthier ME part 2

  1. That is fantastic. I have been off soda and coffe since the end of Jan. I am so glad. I can actually sleep through the night. I also went from soda to tea and now I am doing mainly just water with lemon or a drop of cranberry juice. Blessings to you. You can do it.

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