Five minute Friday ~What Mama did

Todays Five minute Friday is a bit different and more of a challenge to me. Instead of a one word prompt it is  a question  what did your mama do that made her your mama? Thankfully its an easy question. There are many wonderful things my mama did that made her my special mama!  Every night I could look forward to a home cooked meal complete with vegetables , which were not always my favorite. I could sign her up to bake cookies for my class and she willingly baked them at the last minute notice I gave her.  My mama made me a separate salad from the rest of the family due to the fact that I despised onions!

I was afraid of the dark but I could fall asleep feeling safe every night, because my mama was in the next room still up doing laundry.  Mom took me to work with her and gladly let me help her even if she did have to go back  and redo what I did!  She praised my good grades and my passion for writing.  She introduced me to Cherry Vanilla Dr-peppers from the Sonic drive through which came to be her and I s special treat together.

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