Book 1 The Moses Quilt~by Kathy Macias

I want to start my review of The Moses Quilt by warning you once you pick up this book you will not be able to put it down.  The book is written from each characters view point. Every chapter flows beautifully into the next. Mazzie a white woman with deep southern roots is deeply in love with Edward who happens to be African-American. Edward is a modern day Christian prince charming who wants nothing more than Mazzies hand in marriage. While he waits patiently , sometimes impatiently for an answer ,Mazzie battles internally about whether or not to marry him.

Three generations live in a home together, Lilly which is Mazzies mother, Mimi who is Lilly s Grandmother and Mazzie the great granddaughter of Mimi.  While Mimis health is deteriorating she asks her great granddaughter to open the cedar chest, of which she has never been allowed to open. Inside it lays a beautiful quilt called The Moses Quilt. Beginning with the first night Mimi begins telling a story about each patch and what it represents. Edward learns of the story and joins in for the installments. Mimi insists the story has something in it that holds the key to Mazzies circumstances. I felt as if I had entered the lives of the characters. Kathy s writing weaves an unforgettable story.  I am going to end my review my reason being I don’t want to spoil the ending, you will have to read it for yourself to figure out the magic behind the quilt!Image

2 thoughts on “Book 1 The Moses Quilt~by Kathy Macias

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  2. Thank you for posting THE MOSES QUILT by Kathi Macias on your blog! We are celebrating BLACK HISTORY MONTH as well. What a perfect book to do so and help people understand the story of Harriet Tubman and how she fought for racial equality. For more opportunities to be selected for a FREE copy of this book, please visit:

    Blessings and joy,
    Karen Power
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    CSS Virtual Book Tours

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