Afraid~five minute Friday

Most of my life I have allowed fear to cripple me. If I was afraid of something I avoided it as if it were the black plague. Fear had a Velcro  death grip on my life.

One-daybrave-cat-with-scripture I was chatting with a friend telling her that I was afraid, her response was “Do it Afraid!” Those words really spoke to my inner soul. In that moment I decided that I was going to do the things I desired and needed to do. Even if  I have to do them Afraid!

I have a fear of public speaking. Each month I attend a conference call with fellow ibloom members. Last month when it came my turn to speak, fear said to pass.  In that moment I could have chosen let my fear win.  I decided to go ahead and do it afraid. I was so scared to speak on a call that I knew lots of others were on. I did it afraid and you know what I survived.

When I am afraid my heart races, my breathing gets shorter, and I shake. These were all symptoms that kept me in bondage. I choose to do whatever it is I need to do afraid. Yes my heart may race, my hands may shake and my breathing will get shallower, but I will do it afraid and survive the experience.

9 thoughts on “Afraid~five minute Friday

  1. Hi, I’m stopping by from the FMF link up at Lisa-Jo’s. I really love that! “Do it afraid!” How brilliantly wonderful! Way to go for putting it into practice last month! Very awesome ^_^

  2. “Do it afraid”! That’s a great thought. Facing fears is always tough but once you get past it it’s not really a fear anymore :0)! Congrats on taking that step!!!

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