Again ~ Five Minute Friday

The monster snuck in again. It must have found a crack to crawl through. I struggle against the monsters hands whose only motive is to take my mind. He wants to swiftly fly in and perch inside a corner of my mind .  He desires to any joy from me and replace it with pitch black darkness. He wants to bind my heart up until it roars “there is no-one who can help you now!” 

Again , I reach out to the light  the monster named depression slowly begins to fade with his tail  tucked beneath him. He has not given up . He will return for revenge. When he comes again my mind will be renewed and he will be blinded by the light shining inside me.

4 thoughts on “Again ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Whew … that was a powerful image: “perched inside a corner of my mind.” Isn’t that the way satan works sometimes, sitting and waiting for us to be weak, but in Jesus, he has met his match. The Light of the world! Blessings on you!

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