Inside of my heart is a treasure chest overflowing with treasured memories. Snapshots of times that will be forever etched in my heart. Each encased in its own beautiful package. Somedays  I love to open my treasure chest and lay all of the cherished memories before me to bask in the glow of each distinct moment in time.  One  of my personal favorites is in the first moments of my daughter’s life when we locked eyes and I instantly fell in love with her.  Another favorite is saying I Do at our wedding day to the love of my life. I can still see his sparkling green eyes gazing into my eyes, promising to honor and cherish me all the days of our lives.  As much  as I love to travel back in time and dig into my treasure chest I know that today is meant to be celebrated and cherished so that these moments too can be one-day put into the chest along with the others . Perhaps one-day when I am old and tempted to be bitter I can look back into my treasure chest and find the joys of yesterday , so that I may not dwell on my state of health but instead dwell on what  a cherish life I lived.

3 thoughts on “Cherish

  1. Well said! I too love being reminded of those moments in time that you only get once but they stay forever – or at least for a long time!

    Visiting via 5MF today!

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