Dive ~ Five minute Fridays

On October the sixth , I lost my beloved Grandma .  When she passed from this earth into eternity I was holding her hand. In those moments nothing else mattered but the cold hard fact that my grandma indeed was gone. I could choose to bury my feelings of grief . Instead I am intentionally diving in head first into these uncharted waters . The deeper I dive into grief, the more my soul crys out begging me to go back to the shore, where emotions are more comfortable.  I whisper to my soul, someday the waters of grief wont feel so ice-cold . There are days when I dive into my broken heart and long to stay inside the sadness and not come up to the surface for air. In those moments I remind myself that Grandma FREE! She is  freed from her earthly chains. One-day I too will get the privilege of diving into the Kings arms and embracing sweet freedom from this life.  Life is meant for the living, so I must dive deep to recover the pearl from the bottom of griefs treasure chest. Although I can’t stay inside the darkness of grief forever I must intentionally choose to let myself come back to the surface and live my life. 100_6435

6 thoughts on “Dive ~ Five minute Fridays

  1. Amanda, I feel badly for your loss. It is not easy to lose people we love.
    Your words express your pain with images that draw me in and my own soul feels the icy waters, cramping both my body and my soul. Time does not take the pain away. It just takes the edges off so it doesn’t hurt as much. So you’ll be ok.
    Don’t be in a hurry to stop grieving. Grief has its purpose. You keep your grandmothers memory alive, but you also become more compassionate towards those who also share the same pain. Come out, get a breath of fresh air and remember her legacy to you. Think of your blessings! Your little one is beautiful. That is life! We come, we learn our lessons and then go.
    I will pray for you! You will be OK. God never promised a life without pain, but he promissed to be there for us. Hand your pain over to Him. He will gladly carry it.
    Blessings and Light to you and your family!

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