On a Quest for Christ (tracing the footsteps of your spiritual journey) ~ Lisa Are` Wolf

On  a Quest for Christ begins with this scripture : May all who search for you be filled with joy and gladness.May those who love your salvation repeatedly shout,”The Lord is Great!”  (Psalms 40;16)  Many times our search  for joy and gladness comes up null and void. Psalms 40:16 encourages the reader that their search for Jesus will be filled with joy and gladness.   I am a deep thinker who tends to tear everything apart and reflect on every tiny morsel. Some might say I pick things apart and  have a tendency to over-think things. Inside Lisa s book I was able to reflect on numerous things. Which makes the analytical part of my personality very happy.

I recommend On a Quest for Christ for any reader who desires to dig deeper into their spiritual journey.  Each chapter is precisely written with great clarification for each given subject.  I absolutely adored the format that Lisa used .  The individual sections are  comprehensively constructed to help the reader gain more knowledge and understanding of the given topic.  A passage from the bible is given first. Secondly a description of the topic at hand. Thirdly Lisa weaves a personal story from her life which intertwines with the selected theme. Then reflections are given to help you dig deeper inside your journey. Afterwards four questions are asked of the reader .  Following the questions are  blank spaces for you to fill in your answers.  Concluding each chapter is a prayer written by Lisa and space for you to write your own personal prayer as well.

I have a couple of favorite parts of the book, I want to share with you.  One favorite is where Lisa writes Augustine believed there is a God shaped hole in every person, and we won’t be happy until its filled. cover-quest-for-christcwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11 Another part that I adored is ; The past could not be recaptured and the future was a tapestry yet to be woven. My soul rested in Gods hands.

I gained a new perspective on my spiritual journey while reading On a Quest for Christ. I feel as though my own God shaped hole is being filled with a deeper understanding of Christ. My prayer for you is that while you are reading this book your own God shaped hole will begin to close and you will gain a deeper relationship and understanding  o who Christ is.

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