Crowned by the King ~wear and share Gods Love

I recently was able to experience two very awesome crowned by the king moments! Before I share details of my experiences , I wanted to introduce you to the ministry that helped make this possible.  The ministry is called Crowned by the King. It makes sharing Gods love fun, easy and memorable.  Here are a few simple steps to help you share Gods crowning moments with those in your life.  You may  read on the Cnecklace1rowned by the King website to see for yourself how the ministry works. You purchase the ministry kit and the best part is you wear the beautiful necklace symbolizing Gods love around your neck. There are various ways to give women their own crowning moment.  Whether it is a family member or a friend God lies on your heart , you can be sure you are impacting women’s lives. I believe we as women need this tangible reminder of Gods deep love for us and that we are truly his beloved princesses.

I am excited to share my crowned by the King experiences with you.  As a part of the Cwa review crew I received two necklaces.  I was ecstatic when my two necklaces arrived in the mail. As I marvelled at not only the meaning of the necklaces , but the sheer beauty of them, I began to pray for Jesus to reveal the perfect recipient for a crowned moment.  I honestly didn’t realize that the first one to receive the crowned moment from the necklace would be me.  I was having an emotional day and desired to escape from my problems in an unhealthy way, then my crowned moment arrived. I glanced down at my crown necklace and the holy-spirit  pressed upon my heart telling me that I am beautiful, worthy and crowned a royal princess. At that moment I picked up my head and said yes I am Gods princess and I don’t have to give in to my flesh in this manner.

After pondering and praying upon who to give the second necklace to, I finally knew who would benefit greatly. I didn’t have to go farther than my own home. It was to be my eight year old daughter. My daughter is educationally diagnosed with autism. She had come home and told me that a child was telling her she was in the stupid class. I reassured her that she is beautiful and was not stupid.  A few days after the incidence , I called my daughter into the living room telling her I had something to read to her and after I was done reading I had a present for her. The book I read was one with letters to little princesses from God. Then I gave my beautiful daughter her necklace and told her that she is Gods princess . I could see the delight in my daughters eyes as she looked down at her very own princess crown. I pray that when I can’t be with her to offer her reassurance that wearing the crown around her neck will be a tangible reminder of who she is through Jesus!  cwa-review-crew-disclosure-color-11

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