Carrie and Bandit~ Book two in Sonrise Stable~by Vicki Watson

Carrie and Bandit was an amazing book to read with my daughter who is eight years old. I loved that it had Christian morals and real life content inside it.  My daughter asked for me to read more each night.  Author Vicki Watson s words flowed  smoothly from page to page. I found my self not wanting to stop reading at night, when our time we allotted to read was up.  Each character r jumped off the pages and into my heart.  During different circumstances in the book the characters prayed together , I feel this set an incredible example of faith to my daughter.  Also it talked about adoption which for me is hard to explain to my daughter, since she is my biological child.  I believe it gave my daughter a chance to see inside of an adopted child’s life. Perhaps if she is friends with an adopted child she will be able to have better perspective and knowledge about adoption.  When we were done reading Carrie and Bandit my daughter was disappointed to see the book end and asked for another one. With so many inappropriate books competing for my daughters attention, I am pleased to have found a book that her and I both can agree on and enjoy.  You may purchase this book and more from Amazon or

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