My favorite Recipe for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving nearing I want to share a favorite recipe with you. Its a recipe my grandma always made for all our family gatherings. Every year she would ask us what do you want me to bring . Our answer was always the pumpkin stuff. I am not sure who is going to try to replicate this recipe this year since Grandma has victoriously passed into heaven. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I also wanted to note Gram was a diabetic that stuck to her diet pretty strictly , I’m thinking the recipe meets the guidelines to be called a low sugar recipe.


Can of pumpkin

Box of vanilla pudding


tub of coolwhip

package of grahm crackers


Make the pudding as directed on the box

set pudding aside

layer your desired  serving bowl with grahm crackers leave them whole

mix the pudding ,pumpkin, and cool-whip together , sprinkle with cinnamon

pour the mixture on top of the grahm crackers

crush a few grahm crackers til they are crumbs sprinkle on top of the existing mix then sprinkle some more cinnamon

chill in the refrigerator at least an hour

I have found I don’t like to put the grahm crackers in the bottom of my dish only the crumbs on top

Last and most important thing is enjoy the dish with friends or family. If you find they don’t like it , don’t despair more for you!

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