Spice up your life

As I was sitting here attempting to write this post on how to add spice to your life, I was interrupted by a frustrated husband who needed my help with something. My husbands’  issue was he could not get the back door to open . He needed me to shine a flash-light in the door crevice, so he could take it apart to open it. While we were diligently working on the door knob something amazing happened in our open garage and driveway. Our daughter for the first time ever, rode her bike without training wheels! We cheered for her as she victoriously rode her bike with confidence. In that precious moment, I realized it’s these small beautiful things that make my life full of spice. It’s being able to stand beside my husband shining a light into the dark places that adds spice. Its life’s little moments that add flavor and zest to my life .  As I sit here basking in my aha moment about spice , I remember another time when spice was unexpectedly found inside of a sterile Intensive care hospital room. Come along with me back to that unexpected day, in which I experienced spice amidst sorrow!

My Sister and I arrived at the cardiac intensive care unit to visit our Grandma who was very sick. In our hearts we knew time was growing short and soon Grandma would be leaving this world.  Fighting to hold back tears we entered her hospital room . It was traumatic to see our loved one hooked to so many tubes . Besides being hooked to various tubes Grandma also had a feeding tube and a naso gastric tube in her nose. Also she was hooked to a ventilator to basically breathe for her. Her blood was being filtered through a continuous dialysis machine. Despite all the tubes and sterile environment , I wanted to bring Grandma some sort of hope and comfort.  Music usually helps me , so I played some inspirational songs that I knew Grandma liked. Then I remembered she loves Neal McCoy. After doing a you-tube search of the artist , I came up with the song The Shake!  Grandmas eyes Lit up and when the lyrics of the song  sang: Shake it to the left , Shake  it to the right ,Come on baby you know what I like , Shake it real funky , shake it real low, Shake it til you can’t shake it no more , It’s a natural attraction mother nature wouldn’t make a mistake, What really turns me on is the shake . Not only did her eyes light up but she shook her head with  The Shake. I saw both nasal tubes shaking along with her in that moment she was adding spice to my life that I will never forget.  I want to leave you today with this song in hopes that you will do the shake to add some spice to your life ! htW4p15BqvRhcww.youtube.com/watch?v=W4p15BqvRhc

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