Five minute Friday~ Stay

Learning to stay is an important lesson we must all learn. When troubles arise my first instinct is to run as far as I can to escape . Difficulties leave me feeling trapped inside a bubble without air to breathe.  When challenges have arisen my mind has chanted leave and find a safe place. My heart has closed its doors and said you can’t tolerate any-more . My soul has built walls enclosing my very being to escape the misery, My face has placed a mask to hide any glimpse of pain.  You might at this point be wondering what does all this have to do with staying. I learned to stay once I hit the end of my options for leaving the agonizing pain. I learned to stay in the moment of pain and know I am safe and loved. I can stay and still be able to breathe. I am able to go to the darkest places in my heart and  open the doors to let light in so that I may stay in this place to understand the root of the pain.  Staying is an option , I am not trapped there is a way out of the dark. I don’t have to run from difficulties , its okay to stay and work through them. The walls that surround my soul have no place in my life. I don’t have to hide behind a mask.  I am able to stay and receive life-giving love and remove the mask.  Sometimes escaping pain is not the best answer. It takes walking through the pain with Jesus and letting him find the root of it. Once deeper meaning is given , peace can be found amidst the pain.

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