Five minute Friday ~Quiet

Quiet is a word that makes my world more cozy and warm. Its in the quiet moments when I realize the love of Jesus is real. We live in a time where quiet is not embraced as often as it should be.  Busyness often times prevents me from crawling into the secret place in my heart where ,its just Jesus and I .  Healing comes when I am quiet before my Saviour. When I surrender to the peace that surpasses all understanding and just let the quietness fill me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. He is always quietly whispering come my child and let me make you whole. Let me fill you with joy.  I invite you today to come and sit before Jesus and listen in the quietness to his soft beautiful words which will warm your soul. If you don’t know Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour I invite you to contact me or someone who knows him and they or I can pray with you the prayer that will forever change your life.  I leave you now with the stillness and peace of the holyspirit. My prayer for you is for your quiet moments to be filled with peace and love.

2 thoughts on “Five minute Friday ~Quiet

  1. Getting quiet and becoming still for me is just the thing I need to enter into God’s presence where HE surrounds and protects my heart and mind. The storms may still be raging all around me but as I sit still and quiet I realize I find my peace in HIS presence.

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