Five minute Friday ~ Roots

Once upon a time there was a girl who grew up in a childhood filled with drug addictions, alcoholism, and strife. The roots of these things were planted deep within her soul. In an attempt to uproot these horrendous things the little girl acted out in school. She thought if I can be the funny one then they wont see what is on the inside.When the little girl grew into a teenager she found another way to hide her roots. She found the magical world of books. The books could take her anywhere she wanted to go . They became her  escape from her dark world of tangled roots.  Books were a great tool to escape but the teenage girl yearned for more to drown out the pain of the roots . She began to experiment with alcohol and drugs.  These provided temporary relief from her burdens and cares. One night the girl in an attempt to drown out her pain drank way too much whiskey. Unconscious and poisoned she was taken to the emergency room at a local hospital. Her stomach was pumped, heart monitors, a catheter , ivs and an intubation tube was placed. Her soul hung in the balances between Heaven and Hell . Jesus decided he was not done with her yet. When the girl awoke she promised Jesus she would not drink again and thanked him for sparing her life.  The teenage girl grew into a woman with the same roots and issues. One-day the holy spirit told her that he could plant good roots in her and help her prune the bad ones. The woman accepted the offer and found a better way to deal with the pain of her roots.  She strives to invite Jesus into the painful places and allows him to prune the roots and replace them with more grounded stable roots.  The woman now has love and grace within her roots . Her hope lies in the promise of eternal life through Jesus. 

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