Day 11 Decluttering my Heart and Home

I have a confession . Lately my project is not going well.  I have felt sad, overwhelmed and borderline depressed.  Motivation has evaded me. My own will has me sinking into a sea of darkness. The one things I have left to do is turn it over to Jesus. I have read magical stories of women who said Jesus take it all and change me. This is my plea tonight: Jesus take my will and make it yours. Take my heart and make it clean and new. Take my thoughts and make them pure. Purge my soul of anything that doesn’t line up with your will. I surrender my will and life to you. I’m ready to grab your hand and hold on while you lead me in your path of righteousness. I’m ready for my walls that I have built up so high that I can’t see over them to crumble down! I’m ready to remove the masks I have worn for so long.  I cant do this on my own, I need your holy hands upon me Jesus.

Sincerely ,


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