Five minute Friday~ Look

Look at me! Mom watch this! Look at this. Did you  watch me do my cart-wheel. Look at my drawing. Look what I did. All of these are phrases I hear often from my daughter. She wants to make sure I see her accomplishments and watch her talents. I don’t always look right when  she asks me too. I do make an effort to look as often as possible. I want her to know that I want to look and see all of her drawings, cartwheels, scooter stunts and ideas that she has to offer. As a mother I am her first teacher and role model. I want her to know that I love her unconditionally and am very interested in every aspect in her life . I know that in order to be in her circle at all when she hits the teen years, that I must build the foundation for our relationship now.  My prayer is this: Lord help me to look away from whatever distractions that potentially keep me from looking at anything my daughter shows me . Lord help me see beneath the surface of my daughter’s life in order to mother her in the best way I can. Help me to look inside my heart and fix my own issues so that I can be a better example and mom to her. Help me to look past small stuff and freely give my daughter your grace. Shine your light through me into my daughter so that she may have no doubt that you love her .

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