Day 10 ~ Decluttering my Heart and Home~

I learned an important lesson sometimes you just have to let things go! I had an abundance of clothes that didn’t work for me or my family. My original idea was to sell them on a local yard sale website.  I posted them to the website and proceeded to wait for them to sell. None of them sold and I was left with all the clutter that goes along with storing them . Each day I faced the unsold bags of clothes.  One-day while doing my usual face-book surfing , I came across a post stating that we had three families whose houses burnt in our town. I messaged the local director of our towns Christian Center  to enquire about the sizes that were needed.  It turned out that I had alot of the sizes of clothing that was needed. I made a decision to let go of all the clothing clutter . After letting go of all the excess clothing , I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  While getting rid of the clothes did not by far solve my clutter issue its one step closer to my goal of being organized. Next on the agenda is sorting and getting rid of toys that my daughter no longer has interest in. Freeing our home of clutter allows more time for relationship within the family. The less time that our stuff takes to maintain is more time that can be spent together as a family.

2 thoughts on “Day 10 ~ Decluttering my Heart and Home~

  1. I just cleaned out my wardrobe this past week too. That’s wonderful that you were able to donate your old clothes to those families. I’m sure they’re very grateful. You’ve got the right idea about decluttering–just do a little bit at a time. I seem to get more done when I focus on a single task at a time. Good luck!

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