Interview with Jody Burkeen~ author of Man Up~

Why another book for Christian men ?

This is not your normal “let’s try to do better” Christian men’s book. This is more like the “you already know what to do, now start doing it” Christian men’s book. Christian men are inundated with the “how to”,  I felt God was telling to write a book that would challenge them to just “do it”. Stop being spiritual sissies and Man up the way God intended them to. This is why our ministry uses Revelations 3:16 “So because you are lukewarm neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth”. Christian men have become lazy, complacent, and disobedient to Gods words.


Who should read this book?


Any Christian man that is not living up to the potential God has for his life. The Christian life is not easy, but it’s harder without God and His Word. This book lays out 7 areas in a Christian man’s life where he need to apply certain disciplines to better his walk.


Have you always been a man that Man’ed Up in his walk?


By no means. Most of the book talks about the struggles I have had and how I worked on making myself disciplined to reading the scriptures, praying and applying what God was teaching me. Each day I do all I can to stay a man that God will be proud of.


Why do you discuss “7 areas in a Christian man’s life”?


As I look at my own life, the process I took and am still taking, involved 7 specific areas.
1. My personal relationship with Christ. With this in the forefront, the remaining 6 can be obtained with His help.
2. My marriage.
3. Being a father.
4. Church.
5. Work.
6. Accountability
7. Discipleship.


I believe that is you follow these step or 7 areas, you will become a godly man in this ungodly world.


How can we find out more about you and the book?   


You can check out our website . We are on Facebook and twitter @manupgodsway1. I also travel the country speaking to men’s groups, conferences and seminars. You can book me at . Send us an email and we can give you more detail.


As part of this book tour, how can we find out where more free copies of Man Up! will be given away? Visit


About the Author
Jody Burkeen is the founder and president of MAN UP! Gods Way Ministries. This ministry was birthed out of a desire to change the way Christian men “do” Christianity.


Jody’s self-described “Damascus Road Transformation” led him on a journey to search the Scripture to find what he had been missing his whole life, which was Jesus Christ. In this journey, the Word of God took over in a way he never expected. Searching for men in the church to help him in his walk, he found very little help. What he did find was men that needed the same kind of help he did.


Through MAN UP! Gods Way Ministry it is Jody’s hope that he can challenge men to live a separated life on fire for God.


Jody has been married for 21 wonderful years and has two beautiful children 8 and 11.

I  was given a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for posting the author’s interview and/or book review on my blog. CSS Virtual Book Tours are managed by Christian Speakers Services (

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