Day nine Decluttering my Heart and Home

While most of the bloggers doing this 31  day challenge are on day 16 , I am on day nine. Since I am behind on my posts  I am opting to post until my 31 days is up, instead of trying to catch up with several posts in one day. My life has been a swirling mess lately. My grandma passed away last Saturday.  I admit I spend some days staring off into space.  Alot of my days have been spent crying over the loss of my beloved grandma. Its unpredictable what type of day I will have when I wake. While I try to not let my emotions have free reign,  some days it just happens. Lately instead of de-cluttering I have been bringing in sentimental items that belonged to my grandma. I received her love seat and chair. My living room now looks more like home with more seating. Among the treasured items I was blessed to have is an old rocking horse that all of the grandchildren rode! My sister has a six month old baby , when he is old enough he too will be given the opportunity to ride this cherish rocking horse. With tears in our eyes we will joyfully remember where the horse came from.  I also received a sewing box that belonged to my grandma. It is filled with thread, buttons, elastic, patterns and much more. While digging through the sewing box I found a baby picture of my grandmother. The reason this was so special is we didn’t think there were any existing baby pictures of grandma. Although this picture is wrinkled and torn it is more valuable than diamonds to me!

Sunday I spent the afternoon inside my grandmas apartment gathering trash and sorting her belongings. There was two huge trash bags worth of old papers and miscellaneous. In those moments I realized where I inherited my hoarding tendencies.  In the midst of grandmas apartment were the many projects you could tell grandma planned to finish. I too have projects lying around that I plan to finish. Some small items make me wonder what she planned to do with them. Thankfully I don’t have the extent of items she has in her home . While everything is beautiful , I ponder about why she collected fifty bags of pot-pourri, hundreds of doilies, too many wooden books to count, and much more.  The conclusion of why she has so much is she loved the thrill of the treasure hunt. I  fondly remember countless yard-sales we went to looking for treasures. These are memories I will always hold dear.  Many items I can remember exactly the day she found them.  When we were young we were not allowed to touch her treasures. As she grew older , our children began being allowed to touch the treasured items. Things we were forbidden to even caress. Our children were now allowed to play with. I don’t regret not being able to touch them. Although I am proud to be able to say the little ones were given the opportunity to play with the treasured items.  Granted there were still things that were off-limits to everyone.   My grandma will be forever loved and missed. I am proud to have the treasured memories of her inside my heart. I believe the most  loved  items I was blessed with from her life would be her bible and song binder. Within the song binder is songs she used to sing at church and nestled underneath alot of blank paper is scripture verses  written in her handwriting. I will look up this page full of scriptures with love in my heart knowing it came from grandma. I had originally hoped that she would have written notes in her bible. I found no notes . To my surprise I instead found a few turned down pages of devotionals that must have touched her and scriptures she must have found meaningful . One particular devotion  had significant meaning to me also. The devotional story I found will be in another post soon!

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