Day 8 ~ Decluttering my Heart and Home

I have another confession to make . In different areas of my home  I have things shoved in drawers, cabinets or shelves. Honestly some of it could be pitched in the trash, but I keep them with the thought that I may someday use them. It became evident that I had learned some of this behaviour or perhaps inherited it from my grandmother. After my grandma passed I visited her apartment .  My grandmother had chests full of teddy bears, bills, papers, and other items. Today while reflecting on my visit I realized that I have places in my home that reflect my grandmothers home. In that moment I  was not bothered by my inability to organize everything. I have a piece of her etched in my daily life. I will still continue to work on de-cluttering my heart and home. Although now  I will remember that I am not alone in my struggles with stuffing things here and there , my grandma was a pack rat as well. With that being said I am more committed to organization . When my time to leave this earth comes I don’t want to leave piles for my family to deal with. We most certainly don’t mind my grandmothers piles she left behind. In fact we cherish them as they are the last pieces of her life while she was living.  I wonder if my grandmother felt overwhelmed with her clutter. I am sure she had plans to de-clutter as well and probably did do alot of it in her lifetime.

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