Day 7 ~ Decluttering my Heart and Home

Today was a very emotional day. My grandma has only been gone for two days now. My brain feels like it’s in a thick fog. Comfort was found in church today through the worship songs , although I cried throughout most of the service. Right now I feel as though my heart is de-cluttering itself through tears!  At times I just sit in a daze , not wanting to acknowledge anyone’s presence. Then I realize that I am still a mom, daughter, wife, friend , aunt and child of God. While I know its okay to grieve my grandmothers death , I also have come to grips that I still have many people around me who need my time and love. Since  grandmas death her memory has been flashing in my mind. While at church I thought  grandma will never go to church again. During my shopping trip I realized that she would never go shopping again. Among the saddest places to realize that she wont ever return to is her home. Inside her home is memories of her life. Each corner of her home was meticulously  decorated. Grandmas scent still lingers inside of her abandoned home.  Her flowers are still in full bloom.  I am blessed to have been able to have her in my life. While I may be grieving at the moment , soon I  will be celebrating her life and legacy that she left behind.

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