Five minute Friday ~ Welcome

Welcome to my world. If you are going to stay in my world there are a few things you need to understand. My emotions are like a roller coaster. In any given day you will see them go up and then plummet down just as fast. I am working on keeping my emotions stable . Everyday is a battle of my mind.  Jesus gave me the power to win these battles through him . Thankfully I am covered by his blood.  At any given moment I might start crying. Don’t worry about the tears its  my saviours  way of cleansing me. I have just learned to utilize the power of tears in my life. I love with  all of my heart. I am not easily angered .  My fuse is long , but after you get to the end of it watch out because it does go Boom! Procrastination is something I have not conquered. If there is something I need to do and haven’t done yet , I may need a reminder! I like to be alone. If I am spending time with you it means, I like you enough to give up my sacred time alone! My prayers are said in the shower alot. Loudness is not my friend. Although if I like a song I’ll turn it up loud. Luck is not something I believe in , I believe in Gods power , it has nothing to do with luck! I prefer reading over movies!  When I am reading , I can see the scenes in the books as if they are happening in front of me.  I am overly sensitive.  I need to laugh more but seem to always get stuck in a serious moment.  I love my family , be kind to them and I’ll be kind to you! If you are not kind to them, well just be kind and you wont have to find out! There is alot more in my world, but my time is up on the five minute FrIday.

10 thoughts on “Five minute Friday ~ Welcome

  1. Great FMF entry! I love how everything affirms God’s power and grace in your life! I should need to try to remember this when I get caught up in the drama of my own world–which happens more than I’d like to admit. I love your honesty–this is me, take me or leave me! Just awesome! Thanks for the glimpse of life in your world! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I admire your honesty. I’ve struggled a long time with people pleasing. I’m finally learning to accept that the only opinion that truly matters is our father in heaven.

    Blessings to you!

  3. I love the matter of fact post. “This is me, take me or don’t… but you’ll never be able to say I didn’t tell you who I was up front.” You sound like me in so many ways. I’m a very sensitive person & the tears flow easily, I love deeply, I pray in the shower alot too (lol) ….. etc…..

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