Five minute Friday: Grasp

I was browsing blogs when I found Five minute Friday it looks fun so I thought I would give it a try. The rules are five minutes of writing on the same topic as the other bloggers using the given writing prompt. You have to write without edits, backtracking and absolutely no over thinking . The main rule is to encourage the blogger that you link under , it’s an absolute must.  Here goes my five minutes about the word grasp!

A letter to my inner child: Dear Me, It was not your fault. You could not have stopped it! You didn’t cause it. You are loved beyond measure by your saviour Jesus! Please grasp the truth.  It’s okay to let it go now. It serves you no purpose . Lift up your head and let Jesus set you free from this bondage.  Grasp the wholeness and freedom that is within your reach. Grasp his hand , let him pull you out of this deep dark place. He is waiting for you to reach out to him. Jesus is not a father who condemns. You are beautiful and wonderfully made .  You don’t have to fear. Grasp the truth that will set you free. Jesus holds the key that unlocks this prison cell. Grasp the idea that its okay to play and to be a child. Your past does not define you. Life  will be alot easier if you could just grasp the truth and walk into the love and light of Jesus. Yes he died on the cross for you too!


Adult (Me)

6 thoughts on “Five minute Friday: Grasp

  1. Wonderful! Welcome to Five Minute Fridays! What a good start-my favorite part is this:
    “Grasp the idea that its okay to play and to be a child” Good job!

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