Project declutter my heart and home still in progress

My project was put on the back burner for many months. There were alot of things that factored into the lack of progress, among them was my recent spinal injury! I can not allow myself to use excuses although fracturing my spine was a legit and very usable excuse. I am proud to say that I can now squat  and pick things up off the floor. With this new-found progress I now have the ability and motivation to continue my project. Giving up is not an option I am willing to pursue.

My current goals are to finish my projects I have started and left unfinished. I am listing them below in hopes for accountability:

Finish ripping the wall paper in the bathroom ( it’s a pain)

paint bathroom

make hairbows ( I already have all the supplies)

clean junk drawer (huge projects it is stuffed full of well I am not sure what is in there)

I will be back to update my progress soon!

What projects do you have lying around that need finished? I would love to hear about them! Feel free to comment below! Perhaps we can motivate each other towards progress!

8 thoughts on “Project declutter my heart and home still in progress

  1. Um, I think a spinal injury is a great excuse to relax! Maybe that was it’s message (wink wink). I have been de-cluttering for a couple of years now and I am starting to really be able to breathe into the new spaces I have created….within my relationships, my home, my recreational activities, etc. Thanks for the reminder to celebrate!

    • Suzanne yes it has been a great excuse to relax , I am trying to ease back into housework although with months of relaxing well as well as I could it is screaming to be done! Your welcome for the reminder to celebrate. My goal is to have an uncluttered home and heart . I feel after they are de-junked, that I will have more room for what matters in my life!

  2. Glad to see you’re doing better!. Well, minus the hairbows are lists are very similar. I’ve been trying to get painted over wall paper off my bathroom walls for longer that I care to admit. Its off now, except for a few patches and now the wall needs to be repaired, sanded and painted. But, I have lost my motivation and just work on it a few minutes at a time.

    Gratitude Coach

    • Jean thankyou for your response . Yes my wallpaper project has been in progress or lack of progress for alot longer than I would have liked it to be as well. It is okay to only work on it a few minutes at a time, it will add up! Babysteps equal huge success!

  3. A spinal injury certainly will slow a person down! Glad you are getting back into the swing of things! As for me, I have to finish organizing my son’s room, then there’s the dreaded paperwork, and of course I have to organize the junk drawer! And my laundry room! How do you organize a laundry room that’s the size of a closet?! Yikes!

    • Thankyou for responding, yes I still have to do lots more in the house . I only started with a small list because the whole large list overwhelms me! As for a small laundry room utilize any space you may have available! My laundry room is pretty small as well. Although I am thankful for it, the house we lived in prior to this one the washer and dryer were in the kitchen!

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