Decision to Love (Sacred Vows book 3) by Michelled Sutton

Decision to love is the third book in a series called Sacred Vows. Topics such as homosexuality, adultery, lust, and redemption are sometimes viewed as taboo subjects. Michelle Sutton courageously took the initiative to write about  all of the above topics, inside  her edgy Christian fiction book. In the beginning of the book you are given some background on the previous stories , in case you are like me and didn’t previously read the first two books  in the series. Although I did not read the first two I found the storyline very easy to follow.   Each character portrayed  in the book is lively and intertwines with the other characters in various ways! Michelle has a talent in creating vivid scenes and characters of  whom you wont forget about long after you have read the book! My normal genre that I read most is non-fiction, mainly because I read to gain wisdom . I was  amazed with the amount of wisdom and guidance I received through reading Decision to love. It made me view people with homosexuality differently. Although clearly being gay is sin, shunning people just because they are gay is not the answer to bringing them any closer to God! Reading through the various scenes in the book also brought me to my own revelation about my past emotional adultery that I committed. Yes, I said it I committed adultery. While it was not sexual  in nature , it was still adultery. I came to the conclusion that I can not blame my spouse for my decisions or justify what I did based on his actions. I now take full responsibility for my hurtful actions. I fell in love with all the characters, especially Nina and Jimmy . I could see their story as if it was playing right before my eyes. Who are Nina and Jimmy , you might ask. To find out you must read the book. I apologize for not revealing any of the story line in this review. I did not want to spoil the book for you. I look forward to reading more books written by Michelle Sutton . I believe I found a Christian fiction genre that I love!

Decision to Love is available for purchase online at  Amazon, CBD, Barnes and Noble or directly from her page.

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