Peaceful Passage by Kim West

Peaceful passage is must have for anyone who is human. As living beings we all share two life events,These are living and dying. Death is an unavoidable journey, that we all must face. In her book Peaceful Passage, Kim West takes the fear out of this journey. Life is cherished by most. Death I believe is feared by many. This book was birthed through Kim’s experience of caring for her beloved Mom, during her end of life journey. Inside the pages of her book,Kim navigates the uncharted waters of the end of life journey along side of you. Each chapter concludes with a workbook section that has relevant questions concerning your loved one . Also  following the workbook is  journal pages with spaces to write your feelings and prompts that are very helpful.

When you first hear the news that your loved one is going to die, you may feel alone and most likely in uncharted territory. There is hope, reading Peaceful Passage is like being thrown a life-preserver inside the crashing waves. Once you gain knowledge of the journey it will become less scary.  Every aspect is covered, from the first time you hear the news to after your loved one has taken their last breath. My favorite part was the glimpse into Kim’s’ journal she kept while caring for her mom.  Honestly when I decided to review this book, I thought I might need it way down the road. That could not have been farther from the truth. A month ago my grandma had a heart attack and is possibly facing her own end of life journey. Although my grandmas end of life journey has been the opposite of Kim’s moms journey. I have still found an abundance of wisdom and comfort throughout the pages. It feels like having my own personal guide helping me navigate this emotional and raw journey known as the end Passage.

Peaceful Passage is available for purchase online at  Amazon, however, you will find the best price

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