Ramblings from the Shower ~ Integrity, Faith And Other Simple Yet Slippery Issues by Faye Bryant

Ramblings from the Shower was written in a  conversation style. While I believe most people use their daily shower to cleanse and renew their body, author Faye Bryant utilizes her shower time in a more spiritual way! While sudsing up, she has intimate conversations with Jesus, about  slippery subjects such as grief , integrity , and surrender. Anyone who has ever struggled to understand issues such as grief, integrity, people pleasing and abusive relationships would benefit from reading Ramblings in the Shower. Although the book is not limited to only the above mentioned topics. Each chapter addressed a slippery topic, while  maintaining the ability to keep my attention without making me want to drop the book. Pun intended!

I loved the way each subject was written to not only entertain, but inform the reader about subjects, they may not have the courage to ask someone about.  I was able to visualize myself talking to a dear friend throughout the entire book. My favorite part of the book was the chapter on grief. It ministered to my heart. Through its words, I  was able to find  comfort,despite the fact that my Grandmother is very critical in the hospital. There is a distinct  possibility that I may lose her. The chapter taught me not to fear my emotions regarding grief. Each chapter is relevant to what we as Christians face during our lifetime. Another aspect of the book that resonated with me, was the ability to take slippery issues outside the normal spectrum and challenge me to think outside the box. My prayer is that each person who reads this book, is led into a deeper  relationship with Jesus , while gaining wisdom about his character.

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